Das Leben ist für uns. [Life is for us.] 2016

Since the takeover of Daesh [Islamic State], the international picture of the Kurds has changed rapidly as they are represented by different political fractions. Previously a little-noticed nation under years of repression, they have now become a highly respected factor in the war against Daesh.

The western media has begun talking about the strike capability of the Kurdish combat units and about their successful attacks. The USA, Russia, Germany and other European countries in the EU have offered to partner with the Peschmerga (the military forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan). But the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), has especially taken a key position in the ongoing developments in the fight against Daesh and the riots in southeast Turkey. There are also sister parties to the PKK represented in neighboring countries; for example the YPG/J’s combat units in Syria and also the guerrilla forces of the People’s Protection Unit, similar to the HDP and a militant arm of the PKK.

In early 2016 I got the chance to visit the PKK in northern Iraq for 3 weeks to expose through photographic images and interviews combined, the various facets of the PKK-Ideology, the influence of the civil environment, and the region’s current events. The documentary project “Das Leben ist für uns.“ will offer a critical view inside this party and its members who are recognized by the EU, USA, Turkey as Terrorist organization.

220-page book (German)
71 Photographs
+12 hours of interview material